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Do you have pelvic pain and despite trying everything it is no better?

Looking for a different way forward?

You are not alone.  Up to one in four women in New Zealand are living with pelvic pain. Many have spent years trying different medications, surgeries, and procedures – often without lasting improvement or with troubling side-effects. This may have involved seeing dozens of different specialists with differing and confusing conclusions.

For many years international guidelines for managing pelvic pain have recommended ‘multidisciplinary team’ (MDT) care – where a team of different types of clinicians such as a pain doctor, physiotherapist, and psychologist work together to address the multitude of challenges that those living with persisting pain experience. 

Many patients around the world with persisting pain have been helped by having MDT pain treatment approach in small groups. This makes waiting lists shorter and also has other benefits – such as meeting other people who have problems similar to yours. There are a number of MDT pain clinics around Aotearoa, New Zealand where you can access this type of care; however, none provide specific programs for women with pelvic pain. 

In response to the requests of their patients, a team of pelvic pain specialists in Christchurch have developed PIPPI – the first dedicated multidisciplinary group program for women with pelvic pain in New Zealand.